Eastman Cristal™ Renew copolyester

Our Cristal Renew portfolio will make you wonder . . . is it virgin or is it renewed?

Sustainability without compromise

Featuring high levels of certified* recycled content, our Cristal Renew portfolio provides the clarity, luster, color compatibility, and durability that cosmetics brands demand from their packaging. Made using Eastman’s molecular recycling, these materials meet rigorous performance standards and provide significant environmental benefits such as landfill diversion, resource conservation, and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

These materials address one of the holy grails of the circular economy—the ability to turn waste plastic back into plastic that is indistinguishable from virgin product—with no drop-off in aesthetics or performance. This means that if you are using copolyesters today, you can put Eastman Renew products in your molds without having to make changes, saving a huge amount of time and money that would otherwise have to be invested in requalification.

Offered at scale with immediate availability for all Eastman copolyesters, Eastman Renew materials feature:

  • Drop-in performance, with no mold changes required
  • No compromises, featuring zero drop-off in aesthetics or performance with excellent color and clarity
  • Options for material take-back in select situations

Selection guide

Qualiform first to offer Cristal EN Renew series of bottles for luxury brands. Selection guide

“When Eastman announced its Renew offerings, we were interested right away. This really is game-changing technology.

–Stéphane Perrollier, QUALIFORM CEO

Certified solutions for peace of mind

With certified recycle content, these materials let you create packages that are both beautiful and responsible. The recycled content is certified by the International Sustainability in Carbon Certification (ISCC) via mass balance accounting. Because these materials are backed by a credible and transparent third-party process, you can sleep easy at night knowing the claims you make are supported by real data.

High levels of certified recycled content

The Cristal Renew portfolio of materials is available in standard loadings of 30% and 50%, with the possibility to achieve 100% certified recycled content.

30% Certified recycled content
50% Certified recycled content

One portfolio. Many sustainable options.

Within the Cristal Renew portfolio, we offer a variety of products, including the flagship Cristal 400 Renew and Cristal EV Renew. These versatile products offer brilliant color, clarity, and performance for a variety of applications. Often used for skin care jars, bottles, caps, and color cosmetics because they retain their high transparency and luster even in thick-wall applications, these materials create a package with high shelf appeal and a prestigious look. And we have a variety of options to cover multiple production processes like EBM, ISBM, IM, and more. Now, with the Cristal Renew products, we add sustainability to the list of great features you get with Cristal products.

No requalification needed

These materials are chemically identical to virgin, which means there is zero drop-off in performance or aesthetics—and you can keep using your existing molds.

All the design freedom you want with all the sustainability you need

The Cristal Renew portfolio includes all of Eastman’s heritage copolyesters brands have relied on, now with high levels of certified* recycled content:

*Via mass balance allocation

Cristal 400 Renew

Offering brilliant color and clarity in a high-flow PETG designed to give excellent gate aesthetics, Cristal 400—part of our performance series—is available neat and with mold release.

Cristal 400 Renew
Cristal EV Renew

Cristal EV Renew

With best-in-class combination of color, chemical resistance, and design freedom based on PCTG, Cristal EV Renew provides the epitome of glasslike feel and weight, perfectly suited for thick-walled jars and perfume caps.

Cristal AN and CN Renew

As PCTA options offering excellent chemical resistance, flow, and color, these materials offer ease of processing for a variety of applications.

Cristal AN and CN Renew
Cristal EB Renew

Cristal EB Renew

With excellent clarity and gloss for extrusion blow-molded bottles, Cristal EB Renew is a high-performance PCTG with good toughness.