Eastman EastaPure™ clean room

Eastman’s class 1000 clean room is a world class testing facility providing 24-hour, year-round certificate of analysis (COA). The metal ion content in the portfolio of Eastman EastaPure™ electronic chemicals are measured at parts-per-billion levels on an Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS).

The clean room, fed with HEPA-filtered air is equipped with the following:

  • Two ICP-MS instruments
  • An air particle counter
  • Clean bench work area, certified Class 10
  • Clean hoods, certified Class 10

As a result, customers have the added advantage of time and cost savings in trace metal testing and most importantly, the assurance of quality products.

Storage and Handling

Proper handling is required to deliver high-purity chemicals to the semiconductor industry. Special packaging containers are used for drum, bulk (isotainers), and tank truck orders. To minimize contamination, special handling is maintained throughout the entire loading and storage process.

When transferring, Eastman EastaPure™ electronic chemicals are sampled from shipping containers and tested for metals content. A certificate of analysis (COA) is sent to the customer/distributor. Good handling and transfer practices must be used to maintain low trace metals levels.

Eastman EastaPure class 1000 clean room

EastaPure products are sampled from shipping containers and tested for metals content

EastaPure clean room is fed with HEPA-filtered air