The EastaPure™ difference

We have designed a business model that enables us to effectively and consistently serve the needs of the customers in the value chain.

Product and assets

  • Solvents with metal content <1 ppb for most EastaPure products
  • Dedicated storage tanks
  • Specialized material loading capabilities

Process and QC

  • Documented process that minimizes controllable contamination
  • Multiple QC/QA processes across various steps starting from type of raw materials

Sampling and lab

  • Two-way sample split with Teflon bottles
  • In-house clean room testing with ICP-MS
  • Metrology that can be trusted


  • Dedicated cross-functional resources available (operations, quality, product management and analytical)
  • Coordinated logistics support

Eastman EastaPure™ electronic chemicals come with the extra support and specialized handling that the electronics industry requires. Technical-grade products typically come with limited support if the product meets the sales specifications.

 Technical GradeEastaPure Grade
Sales SpecificationsAs stated on sales specifications sheetCustomizable per mutual agreement
Process Change Notification systemNone or limitedComprehensive advance notification for planned changes; ASAP notification of unplanned changes
Metals testingNone, no guarantee in sales specification21 metals tested to agreed-upon limits able to add more as needed
Ion Exchange Resin Bed treatmentNoAs needed to meet customer specifications
Specialized Materials HandlingNone – open air loading, no tank pickling, shared pipingClosed dome loading, tank pickling, dedicated piping
Purity – assay and contaminantsAssay and contaminant level guarantees defined by sales specificationsCustomizable per mutual agreement
Non-volatile matter limitsNot testedCustomizable per mutual agreement
Audits, transparencyNone or rareCustomizable per mutual agreement
Quality guarantee, control limitsCan only return if it does not meet Eastman sales specifications, no production to control limitsCan return/reject if does not meet agreed-upon specifications; statistical control limits manufacturing possible