Eastman EastaPure™ capabilities

Ultra-high quality doesn’t “just happen”

Investing in capabilities and paying attention to every detail ensures that the product delivered to you is fit for use in the most exacting applications.

Take a look at the EastaPure difference.

As a material sub-supplier to the semiconductor industry, Eastman is committed to:

  • High purity manufacturing with low levels (generally <1 ppb or better) of metals contamination
  • Further purifying steps with ion exchange resin beds and nanometer filtration capability
  • Lot tank sampling to ensure product meets customer specifications
  • Closed dome loading to prevent contamination during transfer from tanks to trucks or drums
  • Robust tanker truck decontamination process
  • A thorough Process Change Notification process for contracted customers 
  • High quality sampling and analytics with clean room processing of samples for analysis on state of the art ICP-MS analyzers
  • Dedicated technical support and quality assurance staff

EastaPure difference