Eastman Embrace Encore™ copolyester

The end-of-life solution for shrink sleeve labels

Recycling with shrink film labels just got a whole lot easier.

Eastman Embrace Encore™ copolyester is an adaptable, clear shrink film resin designed to meet the needs of today’s evolving marketplace. When used with washable ink systems, Embrace Encore crystallizable PET (cPET) contributes to the PET recycle stream rather than contaminates it. Shrink labels made with Embrace Encore and printed with washable inks get recycled along with their PET containers with no extra equipment or special considerations necessary for recyclers.

As a result, Embrace Encore not only makes a difference on store shelves; it makes a difference for our planet.

Embrace Encore solutions optimize shrink labels, empowering designers to create more innovative, engaging, and attractive packaging. Embrace Encore offers brands good shrinkage properties, toughness and clarity along with a compelling sustainability story — helping promote brand image increase sales, attract consumers’ attention and encourage brand loyalty.

As the shrink label solution most compatible with PET recycling, Embrace Encore’s advantages include:

  • Full compatibility with PET recycling streams — one of two APR-approved labels
  • Full recyclability, supporting recycling claims for packaging.
  • Improved recycled PET (rPET) yields by mitigating the processing challenges associated with traditional labels
  • Improved sorting accuracy compared to polyolefin- and polystyrene-based labels

Learn more about the Embrace Encore’s PET stream recyclability, superb aesthetics and improved functionality on our Benefits page. Learn more about its life cycle here.

To meet your sustainability goals, specify film with Embrace Encore crystallizable PET resins in your labels today.

Embrace Encore has received the Association of Plastic Recyclers’ (APR) Critical Guidance recognition.

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