Operation Clean Sweep®

Eastman signed the Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) pledge in early 2019 to demonstrate our commitment to the plastics industry program under the US Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) membership.

OCS is an international program designed to prevent the loss of plastic granules (pellets, flakes and powders) during handling by the various entities in the plastics value chain and their release into the environment. The initiative first originated in North America, introduced by PLASTICS and the Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), but is now an active industry program worldwide.

Eastman is committed to a “Zero-Incident Mindset”. Such a mindset seeks to ensure a culture within our operations and for all employees where any incident (including a loss of material) can be prevented. It also serves as a catalyst to drive continuous improvement in practices and procedures regarding facility design, containment, housekeeping, maintenance, and accountability.

Eastman is a long-standing signatory to the Responsible Care© Global Charter and we believe that adopting OCS is consistent with the principles contained in the Global Charter. Responsible Care© is a voluntary commitment by the global chemical industry to drive continuous improvement and achieve excellence in environmental, health and safety and security performance. Where possible, Eastman will ensure to align the OCS program with existing good practices to seek opportunities for continuous improvements with respect to spill prevention and management, increase transparency on best practices and engage with value chain partners to create more visibility.

Eastman is executing our OCS commitments and will report progress from 2020 onwards in a publicly available format such as the Sustainability Report, to support public transparency and accountability.

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