​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Driving Resource Productivity​


​While Eastman has a long history of working safely, meeting compliance standards and operating sustainably, we know today’s performance isn’t sufficient for tomorrow’s demands and today’s resources won’t sustain us into the future if we don’t do something differently now. We challenge ourselves to ask tough questions and realize we cannot simply maintain the status quo. We also recognize the growing nexus of energy, water, and food.​


​Requirements for increased energy, potable water, and food will likely exacerbate the challenges in producing the requirements for our growing and developing world. How do we manage producing food without adding more challenges to our limited water sources? How can we provide energy to dev​eloping economies while balancing carbon emissions that will impact climate change? These are complex challenges that are even more complicated when we consider they are interrelated. As we address these growing demands, we focus on driving resource productivity through improved processes that protect the environment in the communities where we operate, as well as understanding the environmental impact of our products. ​

With an eye to the future, we're building on a strong foundation of expertise, insight, and success. ​


Demands for energy, water, and food continue to increase. We focus on what we can do today to be prepared to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Discover what Eastman is doing in the spaces of energy, water, and food by clicking on the graphic below​​. 

We view resources holistically; our resources also include our people.



Because we care about the safety and wellness of our people, the sites and communities where we operate, and the environment, we set clear expectations and strive for a zero incident culture—from both a safety and environmental perspective.



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