​​​​​​​​​​​​Steering a Sustainable Portfolio

Key macro trends drive product innovations to enhance the quality of life and make a material difference.

Sustainability and sustainable material solutions are at the heart of Eastman's innovation platforms and are a critical driver of the company's accelerating innovation strategy. The world faces a number of issues tied to disruptive macro trends, and solutions to those issues can be developed on the molecular level. To that end, we have identified four key macro trends aligned to our corporate strategy that we are leveraging to drive innovation: health and wellness, natural resource efficiency, emerging middle class, and feeding a growing population. ​We believe it is our responsibility to develop new molecules, products, and applications to address these trends — solutions that make a material difference in everyday lives and enhance the quality of life around the world. ​​

We have substantively built our application development and market development capabilities so that when we are collaborating with our customers, we understand their markets and technologies to enable us to be valued as preferred innovation partners. 

See how we put these innovations to work in our macro trend spotlight


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