Transparent Floor Nozzles

Regina Gets its Clear Advantage with Eastar™ Copolyester

The powerful, upright, self-contained carpet extractor Steemer Plus and theRegina Steemer carpet cleaner Steemer Ultra have been added to The Regina Company's line of Regina Steemer carpet cleaners.

These machines feature a transparent floor nozzle made of Eastar™ copolyester supplied by Eastman Chemical Company, Performance Plastics which enables users to see the cleaning action that makes dirt and stains disappear. In addition to outstanding clarity, this highly durable floor nozzle offers excellent impact and chemical resistance.

"The nozzle takes a lot of abuse during the carpet cleaning process," explains Kent Furcron, Project Engineer for The Regina Company. "It is knocked against walls and furniture and comes in contact with detergents. It can be used to pick up food spills, such as grape and tomato juice," he added. "We needed an extremely tough material that also offered excellent clarity and chemical resistance. Eastar™ copolyester satisfied us on all counts."

The injection-molded nozzle is used in all three of the innovative models and Regina selected this polymer because it supplies the exceptional clarity and toughness the company desired.

In addition to carpets, the Steemer Plus and Ultra models are equipped to handle home and car upholstery.

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