Eastman Solus

Eastman Solus performance additives can help formulators achieve high performance, enduring beauty, sustainability and regulatory compliance in a range of packaging, consumer, industrial and transportation applications. These naturally derived, specialty cellulose esters offer the consistent quality that formulators need and brand owners rely on. That makes Solus the natural choice.

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Imagine the possibilities

Eastman Solus performance additives are versatile, biobased polymers designed to help customers formulate higher-performing, quality products for a growing range of industries and markets. From automotive finishes to sustainable packaging to wood furniture, Solus can be used in a variety of applications. The application range continues to grow as new uses for these additives are developed.

While the specific benefits will be unique to each user, Solus performance additives have been proven to decrease dry times, reduce sagging, improve flow and leveling, brighten color, enable gloss control and allow for controlled release. Solus can unlock the full potential of your coating or ink with enhanced aesthetics and improved efficiency. 

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Achieving maximum beauty

Because of its ability to enable bold color, sheen and special luxurious effects, brands turn to Solus for high-end shelf appeal. These performance additives prevent yellowing and wear while reducing contamination, which can lead to defects. It allows formulators to deliver products to brand owners that will stand out on shelves, in showrooms or wherever they are featured.

Biodegradable and compostable

With sustainability on consumers’ minds, Solus can help brands position their products as safe and environmentally friendly options. Solus meets the latest regulations surrounding materials of concern and volatile organic compounds:

  • Available with home and industrial compostable certifications
  • Available with biodegradable certifications
  • Biobased raw materials
  • Available with recycled content
  • Nitrocellulose free


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Providing performance

Solus delivers the results expected by your customers while maintaining or improving current development processes. Solus can enable faster drying, which can allow for earlier handling and increased production rates. Other process improvements may include excellent sprayability that allows for an optimum coating finish, improved reworkability and fewer recoats.

Better results with Solus

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