Eastman Solus for automotive coatings

Performance. Durability. Appearance. Consumers demand a lot from their vehicles, both inside and out. Eastman Solus performance additives can hold up in all environments while delivering enhanced aesthetics that last.

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Enhanced exterior aesthetics

Solus can ensure coating material flows evenly to provide a uniform, defect-free finish. Formulas made with Solus can reduce problems like sagging, pitting, picture framing, orange peeling, fish-eyeing, floating, flooding, crawling and telegraphing.

Whether working with a solid topcoat system or a base/clear coat system, Solus can promote faster dry-to-touch time, which leads to higher productivity. It can also reduce defects during and after application. Auto refinishers will benefit from the color consistency and matching that is critical to maintaining quality, throughput and cost control.

Solus performance additives offer advantages for automotive coatings that can include:

  • Improved gloss, smoothness and hardness development
  • Increased brightness
  • More color uniformity without defects, and more batch-to-batch color consistency for better matching during refinish
  • Nonyellowing and UV stability properties

Quality, high-performing interior coatings

Solus performance additives can offer several advantages for interior automotive use on ABS, acrylic or cellulose plastics, including:

  • Barrier coat against solvents in subsequent layers
  • Uniform flake orientation for smoother appearance
  • Increased toughness

Refinish applications

Eastman Solus can offer more consistent color through improved atomization, giving refinishers more margin for error in applying coatings. It can also reduce surface defects and provides a smoother paint film for first-pass yield.

Solus provides ideal rheology, improving both application and appearance. It also enables faster work due to its faster drying times. These benefits can add up to around a 20% increase in efficiency.

Solus complies with environmental regulations due to the absence of volatile organic compounds. This lets formulators find the right balance between cost and performance with peace of mind about compliance.

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Brighter, stronger auto coatings

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