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Eastman Solus for consumer electronics

Electronics coating formulators and manufacturers rely on Eastman Solus performance additives to make their devices last longer. Solus can improve coating appearance, create smoother coatings and offer protection between layers of product material.

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Better looking, stronger coatings

Solus can provide aesthetic, performance and financial benefits to users.

It can ensure the coating remains smooth after application and during curing while avoiding imperfections such as orange peel, fish eyes, craters and reticulation.

Solus can be used in the barrier coat to protect the plastic from strong solvents in subsequent coating layers. It can also be used for aluminum flake orientation in acrylic metallic lacquers for both plastic and metal electronic casings. Since many consumer electronics are made of a combination of metal and plastic, manufacturers can maintain consistent appearance. Clear systems yield hard, brilliant films. Pigmented systems are bright and show good gloss retention.

Solus can reduce cost by ensuring even flake distribution and alignment, requiring fewer coating corrections. Improved flake alignment means the formulator can use fewer flakes, which contributes to reduced costs.

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Plastic coating benefits

Solus can offer improved metallic flake alignment, low solution viscosity and improved pigment density. These lead to:

  • Fewer flakes needed to achieve a brighter metallic finish
  • Improved color-matching abilities
  • Faster dry-to-touch time
  • Smooth coatings without defects after application and during curing
  • A broad choice of application techniques
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Plug in to better products

Solus can improve appearance and performance across the electronics industry. Formulators and end users can find out more by contacting Eastman.