Eastman Solus for can coatings

Safer inside and out
Metal cans have long been reliable for food storage. That reliability begins with the white and clear coatings in those cans. Eastman Solus performance additives are an integral part of high-performance can linings that protect the can and its contents, keeping the outside safe from corrosion and the contents safe from the metal storing them.

Close-up of a woman emptying metal can contents into a bowl using a wooden spoon.

Better coating — better cans

Manufacturers that seek improved line efficiency and less waste and formulators seeking improved protection and appearance can benefit from using Solus performance additives.

Solus can improve the productivity and appearance of can coatings thanks to efficient delivery of flow and leveling benefits in can interiors and exteriors.

Solus meets food safety and regulatory requirements, including available food contact certifications in the United States and Europe.

A boy takes a sip from a metal drink can while sitting outside.


Solus can offer multifunctional performance, versatility and reliability enhancements in many metal coating applications, including:

  • Enhanced flow and leveling to produce a smooth, glossy surface
  • Reduced surface defects
  • Excellent clarity for clear coatings
  • Distinctness of image (DOI) for clear coatings

Safe for food use

Eastman offers Solus products approved for food contact use. These products are manufactured, stored, handled and transported by Eastman under conditions adhering to Current Good Manufacturing Practices for food contact applications.

They meet the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (CFR Title 21), the European Commission (Regulation 10/2011), and the Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles (SR 817.023.21).

Amid a series of closed cans sits one open can of green beans.

Protecting your can and your brand

Can makers and coating formulators will immediately see the protective benefits Solus provides. Contact us for more information.