Eastman Solus for cast acrylic sheets

Solus performance additives can offer improved appearance, strength and durability for showers, spas, lightweight curved glazing, outdoor signage and other items using cast acrylic sheets.

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Products that last

Cast acrylic sheets should be durable. As the main component of display shelves, bathtubs, outdoor signs and display boards, they must resist water, UV rays and weathering.

Solus helps acrylic sheets meet these requirements while maintaining a uniform, quality appearance. Solus can deliver consistent color and quality, lowering manufacturing costs and creating an appearance that lasts.

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Solus can enhance the performance of cast acrylic sheets and make production easier. Benefits for formulators and manufacturers can include:

  • Eliminating flooding and floating of colored pigments in polymerized acrylic sheets, which prevents blotches of color and uneven coloring in the product
  • Reducing titanium dioxide sedimentation during polymerization, providing uniform distribution
  • Improving metallic flake and pearlescent flake alignment
  • Mitigating extender haziness or clouding

Formulas using Solus can experience enhanced durability, film strength, moisture resistance and surface hardness, ensuring the final product holds up over time.

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, these attributes can result in cost savings. Manufacturers that use Solus have fewer product rejects due to more uniform color distribution. End users can be sure one sheet’s color matches the other on both sides, reducing the need for replacement pieces and aiding installers.

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Build better products with Solus™

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