Eastman Solus for coil coatings

Improving manufacturing efficiency and finish quality is vital for coil coaters. Eastman Solus performance additives allow for both, improving line speeds while preventing the imperfections that can result from increased pace.

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Adapting to global changes

High-quality, specialty finishes are particularly important in today’s global marketplace. Coil coatings manufacturers looking to remain competitive must quickly adapt to meet changing consumer trends.

Solus provides flexibility to meet these demands, whether that involves changes in how end users want products to look or how installers want them to function. These attributes are delivered consistently, ensuring uniform quality and appearance.

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Better with Solus

Solus can provide improved metallic flake alignment, enhanced flow and leveling, and increased line speeds. These attributes lead to:

  • Cost savings for coil coatings manufacturers
  • Reduced or eliminated common surface defects
  • Consistently high gloss levels
  • Coatings that remain smooth after application and during curing 
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Realize coil coating benefits

Solus additives make beautiful coil coatings with optimal performance. Get started with Solus today.