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Eastman Solus for aerospace coatings

Aerospace coatings must withstand the most demanding conditions without compromise. Eastman Solus performance additives enable aerospace formulators to deliver resilient, great-looking coatings with exceptional performance thanks to superior durability, flow and drying.

A parked white plane is seen from the front of the plane’s right side.

Enduring extreme environments

Coatings used in aviation are exposed to harsh conditions and must be chemical resistant as well as flexible. Large aircraft coatings need good flow and balanced drying properties plus endurance in atmospheric conditions far different than what’s experienced on the ground.

Solus can meet these challenges and enable high-performance coatings that comply with global regulations. As a rheology additive in aerospace formulas, Solus improves application properties and drying characteristics. It remains strong at high speeds and altitudes, and its anti-weathering characteristics allow it to hold up beautifully through the most trying circumstances.

The exterior of a white plane that’s flying is seen from the front of the plane’s left side.

A range of benefits

Solus has a high glass transition temperature (Tg) and viscosity build, better substrate wetting and improved redissolve resistance. That can improve aerospace coatings in these ways:


Solus can improve physical drying prior to full chemical cure of two-component (2K) monocoats. It can also provide fully cured film without weakening chemical resistance and flexibility and allow for ease of sanding.


Solus can eliminate rivet rash, keeping assembly points looking like new. It can also reduce blurry graphics and logos due to the enhanced clear topcoat it provides.


Using Solus results in more consistent quality because of its ease of sprayability. This leads to fewer application errors and less rework.

A gray grounded plane is shown from in front of the nose.

Keep your operation soaring

Aerospace formulators and end users can benefit from the protection and outstanding appearance that Solus may provide. Start today by getting more information from an Eastman representative.