Eastman Solus for aerosol paints and coatings

Eastman Solus performance additives are valuable in aerosol coatings for wood, metal and plastic applications. The Solus portfolio offers formulators options that are strong, durable and resistant to moisture.

A closeup of green paint being sprayed from a can onto a surface.

Solus is a reliable aerosol additive

Solus can help meet many aerosol needs. Solus dries quickly while offering exterior durability and sag resistance when used in acrylic lacquers. Its surface hardness and film strength offer peace of mind that its performance will endure, while its moisture resistance makes sure final product appearance will hold up.

Refinishers also benefit from using Solus. It offers application latitude without the need for a recoat window, allowing subsequent coats to be applied more quickly and ensuring better productivity compared to enamel aerosols. The solubility and compatibility of Solus™ make it ideal for a range of formulas across many industries.

A person sprays aerosol material onto a round metal device.

See how Solus can help you

Solus was designed to meet the needs of many kinds of aerosol formulators. Whether you work in wood, metal or plastic, find out how it’s right for you.