Eastman Solus for textile coatings

The durability and sheen provided by Eastman Solus performance additives make them the right choice for formulators of leather, synthetic leather and other textile-related products. Solus can act alone or in formulations for topcoats across a range of industries, maintaining durability after heavy use and helping retain original color for years.

The corner of a burnt-orange-colored synthetic leather front car seat

A top coating option

Solus additives are water-white, nonyellowing, tack-free materials. This makes them useful alone or combined with other resins as a film former in solventborne lacquers and lacquer emulsions for natural and synthetic leather topcoats. Potential applications include automotive upholstery, footwear, handbags and furniture.

Leather topcoat benefits

Topcoats containing Solus are tough, and they can resist abrasion and plasticizer migration. Solus can contribute slip and good "hand feel” to topcoats over fine or less expensive leathers.

Solus will not degrade or yellow in the presence of amine accelerators found in polyurethane shoe soles and upholstery foam. Solus has excellent light stability, so it can be used over white or other light-colored base coats.

Closeup of person wearing white leather sneakers
Closeup of zipper genuine leather purse

Synthetic leather benefits

In addition to working on genuine leather, Solus offers benefits to synthetic leather products. Solus can produce embossed images with high definition and anti-blocking with good flow and leveling. Solus, in combination with a high-modulus polyurethane resin, can improve tinting strength due to its good wetting properties and compatibility.

Solus suits
vinyl needs

Plasticized PVC fabric used in vinyl often has a thin, slip-finish coating. Slip-finish coatings made with Solus can protect against wear while looking good.

Solus is effective in coatings for tents, truck tarps, car door panels and dashboards, and furniture and luggage. Benefits include:

  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Reduced dirt pickup
  • Slowed plasticizer migration
  • Improved hand and slip
  • Controlled gloss
  • Better printability/adhesion
A person loading a laptop into a black leather backpack

Made to last

Leather and textile formulators and manufacturers can bolster their business with Solus performance additives. Get started now.