Eastman Solus for sustainable packaging

Solus performance additives can provide strength and recyclability to meet market demands for durable packaging that’s also more sustainable. Laminate-free options that have high shelf appeal help companies maintain sustainability without compromising quality.

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A sustainable option

Film-free, recyclable packaging is a priority for formulators and brand owners. That does not mean packaging aesthetics or quality have to be compromised.

Biobased Solus performance additives can enable packaging that’s sustainable and appealing. Solus is made from biobased cellulose and allows for greater recyclability of metallized or holographic packaging compared to film-laminated packaging. It also creates the luster and finish that captures customers’ attention.

Consumer packaging enabled by Solus transfer metallization does not require a plastic film, allowing packaging to go directly into the paper recycling stream. This also reduces total material usage and packaging weight, reducing the use of natural resources and keeping materials out of landfills.


  • Carton coatings
  • Labels
  • Multilayer film
  • Packaging coatings
  • Packaging components
  • Packaging component films
  • Packaging tape
  • Protective film
  • Specialty tape
  • Tape

Ideal balance of beautiful packaging and sustainability

Solus has delivered solutions in the beauty and pharmaceutical industries, among others. It can enable consumer packaging recyclability through the elimination of a metallized film layer that prevents recycling when laminated to paperboard. Using Solus can allow you to provide better products for a better future.

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Improved appearance

Film-free metallized packaging enabled by Solus has a proven track record of satisfying various visual options. It can produce rich, vivid visual effects to create eye-catching products and enable metallic luster, holographic finishes and other design elements for brands:

  • High-strength packaging has good printability and anti-scratch properties
  • Better laser hologram design with improved printing performance
  • Good resistance to folding and ink cracking  

Processing and performance improvements

Solus performance additives can help create more efficient operations: 

  • Enhance information transfer accuracy with improved productivity
  • Organically integrate with other techniques to optimize package performance
  • Eliminate laminate board and the need for a pre-primer stage, thereby lowering costs
  • Experience higher production yield due to fewer defects
  • Reduce package weight by up to 10%, lowering shipping costs and reducing the amount of raw materials needed to make packaging
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Formulation flexibility

Solus performance additives work in a range of formulations, allowing users to create a multitude of end products that satisfy a variety of needs. Whether your formula needs heat resistance, durability or protection, there’s a Solus product to help. 

Light reflects off shiny, metallic paper.

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