Eastman cellulose esters

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Product formulators have counted on improvements to formulation performance, appearance and sustainability that Eastman cellulose esters provide for nearly a century. As the building blocks for many different formulations, cellulose esters help products look better, perform longer and maintain safety for manufacturers and users.

Eastman is the world’s leading specialty cellulose ester supplier and has extensive application expertise. From aerosol cans to wood coatings, we have the right cellulose ester to fit your product needs — backed by technical experts who can help with formulation or application issues.

Discover how our cellulose esters can enhance your products in a range of markets.

Cast acrylic sheets

Eastman cellulose esters enhance the appearance and performance of cast acrylic sheets. They can eliminate flooding and floating of colored pigments as well as reduce extender haziness. This improves color consistency and provides better durability for shower and bath units, signage and other applications using acrylic sheets.

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Coating formulations

Cellulose esters can improve the application properties and appearance of your coatings as an additive or co-resin. Eastman’s robust portfolio offers a wide variety of potential benefits to your unique coating, including enhanced durability, moisture resistance and yellowing resistance. In addition to improved performance, Eastman cellulose esters can improve safety and efficiency to protect your bottom line. 

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Consumer electronics are often coated to protect plastic and enhance appeal. Eastman cellulose esters improve the appearance of this coating by ensuring even metallic flake distribution, consistent alignment and a smoother finish while improving protection between layers of product material.

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Add a layer of sustainability to luxury sunwear and prescription frames with Eastman cellulose esters. Eyewear sourced from our materials offers unmatched appearance and comfort while containing more sustainable ingredients that don’t impact product performance.

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Inks made with Eastman cellulose esters can offer improved blocking, faster print speeds and better performance. Some of the applications where formulators will value the benefits of Eastman cellulose esters are in the inks, graphic arts and imaging markets, printing packaging films, heat-transfer printing inks and screen inks.

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Personal care

The nail care industry uses Eastman cellulose esters as film formers because they are safer, easy to handle due to low flammability, and easily pigmented. The resulting films have fast solvent release and are nonyellowing, clear and stable.

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Eastman cellulose ester excipient solutions improve patient compliance and allow for better control of the indication through osmotic pump dosage, which provides tightly controlled release for narrow therapeutic windows and zero-order release. Eastman cellulose ester excipients are made in Current Good Manufacturing Practice-compliant facilities and meet the requirements of several pharmacopeia, including USP. Our solutions have been proven for several decades with industry-leading quality and availability.

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Our portfolio of Eastman Naia™ cellulosic fibers enables designers to meet consumers’ fashion demands without compromising sustainability. With Naia™ filament yarn and staple fiber, we aim to make sustainable textiles accessible to all. Designers can effortlessly blend style and conscience, ensuring a fashionable future for generations to come.

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