Large appliances (non-food contact)

Eastman copolyesters play a considerable role in providing advantages for the major appliance industry. In applications that are traditionally too challenging for clear plastics, manufacturers know that Eastar™ copolyesters and DuraStar™ polymers meet tough challenges in the daily grind of repeated cycles and the high-impact reality of a cold, hard world.

Eastman polymers provide a crystal clear view inside refrigerator compartments, ice buckets, washer and dryer doors, and other appliances. This clear advantage differentiates some of the most successful appliance manufacturers.

The base clarity of Eastar and DuraStar also permits limitless combinations of water-clear and tinted components to satisfy consumer demands. DuraStar and Eastman Tritan™ copolyester also satisfy the growing need for tough, clear substrates for use in control panels and other in-mold decoration (IMD) applications.

Floor care

Eastman polymers set the standard—from the floor up. Eastar is the material of choice for clear or tinted injection-molded parts like chemical reservoirs, floor and upholstery nozzles, lenses, and dirt containers. Eastar ensures that clear floor care components remain clear and free of hazing, crazing, or cracking through years of use. Eastman meets the growing demand of floor care products with a clear view of cleaning in action.

Eastar offers various fabrication techniques, including sonic welding, spin welding, and adhesion, and is suitable for clear, tinted or molded-in color applications. With our portfolios of Eastar and DuraStar, we offer some of the most popular and durable clear polymers—with a balance of attributes that stand up to the demands of the floor care industry:

  • Made without BPA, halogen, or orthophthalate plasticizers
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Sparkling clarity and impact resistance
  • Ensures lasting clarity of floor care components
  • Toughness and outstanding resiliency
Durastar and Tritan for in-mold decoration applications
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