Transform your thinking about what makes an outstanding sign.

High quality. Stands out from the crowd. Reliable for long life. These are all desirable characteristics for a brand. But they’re also critical for the signs that identify those brands to the public.

Eastman Tritan™ copolyester raises the standard for the signs of our times. Tritan provides sign designers and sign manufacturers with a new world of flexibility and durability—and a beautifully practical way to reduce energy costs.

Tritan requires no predrying, reducing costs and energy consumption. Other benefits include:

  • Lower thermoforming temperatures than polycarbonate (PC), which enables easier predecoration with vinyl or screen inks
  • Better thermoforming cycle times than PC
  • Outstanding formability, which allows dramatic sign designs
  • Consistent brand representation
  • Greater impact strength compared to PC

Distinctive indoor signage

For indoor signs that demand attention, use sheet made from Eastman Spectar™ copolyester and Tenite™ cellulosics. Spectar and Tenite are tough, durable, and easy to fabricate and have the flexibility to inspire unique designs.

Contact us to learn how to transform your brand’s public image with sheet crafted with Tritan, Spectar, and Tenite.

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