Eastman’s European Technology Center

The chemistry of collaboration

Collaboration is critical to develop innovative solutions and drive positive change. That’s why Eastman actively works across the value chain and within globally recognized frameworks, partnering to address the world’s biggest challenges. Our work helps customers connect emerging technologies to sustainable and viable applications. It’s a mutual learning process that helps accelerate commercialization. But, ultimately, we’re not just helping customers go to market; we’re helping them transform markets.

At the Eastman European Technology Center (ETC), we address issues head on—accelerating innovation and gaining deep market insights we all need to enhance the quality of life in a material way. For more information on how the ETC can advance your go-to-market plans, contact your Eastman representative.

Protecting food safety

Consumer product packaging is typically protected with an organic coating on the internal side. It has two key purposes:

  • To protect against product contamination from the metal
  • To prevent the product from degrading the metal packaging

We have explored several techniques to improve resistance to corrosion and chemical attack while also balancing flexibility and adhesion through innovative resin and formulation design. These studies on techniques help build solid structure-property relationships that enable better resin design for food contact metal packaging coatings.

Eastman has a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory that can perform the relevant migration test to fulfill the required food contact regulations. In addition, we can use recognized third-party laboratories to generate migration certificates for customers based on the internal coating formulation used for testing the new resins.

To learn more about accelerated corrosion testing for BPA-NI metal packaging resins, contact us.

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