Eastman coalescents and additives for demanding architectural formulations

Whether for homeowners or professional contractors, architectural paints must deliver durability, performance, and aesthetics. Eastman’s coalescents and additives can help improve the overall performance of your compliant architectural coatings. Our capabilities extend beyond supplying raw material to hands-on formulation assistance, education, and regulatory expertise. We work closely with our customers to develop products that balance environmental and cost constraints with performance.

Regulatory compliance and performance

Eastman Optifilm™ enhancers​ keep you ahead of VOC regulations and customer requirements without falling behind in performance. Developed to give you more options for meeting current and evolving needs throughout the world, our Eastman Optifilm products are non- or very low VOC, low odor, efficient, nonyellowing, and safe.

Eastman AAEM is a methacrylic monomer used to formulate self-crosslinkable, room-temperature cure acrylic emulsions. For more information about Eastman AAEM, contact an Eastman technical service representative.

Customers today value most highly the aesthetic beauty of wood as a natural construction material. Formulating with Eastek™ polymer dispersion as a binder of choice for water-based primers delivers superior "anfeuerung" for decorative wood applications such as window frames and wooden parquet.

Additional performance products

  • Amines–Eastman neutralizing amines adjust the pH of paint and enhance performance attributes like pigment dispersion and emulsion stability.
  • Resin intermediates–Resin performance is directly related to the intermediates chosen to impact stain resistance, humidity resistance, durability, and more.
  • Polymer dispersions–For a long-lasting, beautiful appearance, Eastek enhances the natural beauty of wood substrates. Eastek polymer dispersions provide excellent penetration and ease of application.
  • Polyvinyl resins–Butvar® polyvinyl resins provide good holdout, intercoat adhesion, moisture resistance, flexibility, toughness, and impact resistance.
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