Cellulose esters

Enhancing rheology
Paint is so much more than just a question of color. Eastman cellulose esters ensure the coating material has the correct rheological properties, flowing evenly to provide a uniform finish. Using Eastman cellulose esters greatly reduces sagging, pitting, picture framing, orange peeling, fish-eyeing, floating, flooding, crawling, and telegraphingall the problems that plague an OEM or paint shop.

Color consistency and match
The unique combinations of specific rheological properties and high Tg of Eastman cellulose esters deliver improved color consistency and matching to a pigmented paint system, which is critical to maintaining both quality and cost control in today's demanding transportation, paint, and OEM systems.

Solvents for transportation coatings

Eastman solvents are widely used in both solventborne and waterborne transportation coatings systems. Their use enables formulators to meet and exceed the demanding balance of aesthetic, performance, and environmental properties required in both OEM and special-purpose transportation coatings. Eastman ketones are essential formulating components for developing coatings with lower VOC content. In waterborne systems, Eastman glycol ethers are very useful cosolvents to aid in the successful application of the paint and subsequent proper film formation.

Resin intermediates for transportation coatings

As the building block for better resins, Eastman's resin intermediates help formulators achieve the needed balance of coatings properties in transportation coatings.

Adhesion promoters for transportation coatings

Polypropylene, polyethylene, and thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) plastics are used extensively for automotive parts. These substrates are nonpolar and highly resistant to typical coatings solvents, making it difficult for coatings to adhere. Eastman adhesion promoters help the coating adhere to a substrate and retain adhesion even after being subjected to difficult environmental attack agents such as gasoline, high humidity, and hot water spray.

Additional performance products

  • Additives–Improve efficiency in application and final appearance, including dry time, metal flake orientation, and color development.
  • Tetrashield–With groundbreaking weatherability, chemical resistance, and hardness, Eastman Tetrashield™ protective resin systems makes automotive coatings more durable.
  • Polyvinyl resins–Butvar® polyvinyl resins add adhesion, toughness, and flexibility to automotive coatings.
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