Formulation tools

Eastman understands that today’s formulators face conflicting needs from employers, government regulators, and customers to design coatings that are cost competitive yet provide performance and meet regulatory targets. That’s why Eastman is the perfect choice. It all adds up: diverse product line, extensive knowledge of the industry, formulation assistance/outstanding technical support, dependable global supply, competitive cost position, and the perfect solution to your solvent problems.

Our e-Solvents Chart® and Solvent Reformulation Request have been developed with you in mind. Give our easy-to-use programs a try:

Solvent comparison tool

The solvent comparison tool provides pertinent technical information for Eastman and non-Eastman solvents, such as physical and engineering properties. Compare solvent and resin attributes and obtain a resin solubility chart for various resins.

Solvent reformulation tool

This tool can assist you in optimizing the cost/performance requirements of a replacement blend or in the development of a new blend.​​​

Solvent reformulation request

To request a comprehensive Solvent Reformulation Report, use the online form to provide your performance criteria. Requests will be screened and responded to via email.​​​

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