Sustainably sourced Solus™ used to create film-free, recyclable cosmetics packaging

At a Glance

  • Application: Home
  • Customer: Neutrogena
  • Geography: China 
  • Product: Film-free transfer metallized packaging
  • Benefits: Sustainable
  • Value-added solution: By using Eastman Solus performance additives, Neutrogena improved its sustainable brand packaging with luxurious metallic effects that is more environmentally friendly.

The challenge

Neutrogena®, a leading skin care product manufacturer, has been using film-free transfer metallized packaging (FFTMP) for more than a decade, serving the China market with a plastic film-free paper package that is easier to recycle. To build on this legacy of commitment to more sustainable packaging, Neutrogena recently was looking for a more robust and durable FFTMP solution while maintaining a luxurious look with metalized effects. 

The Eastman solution

By using advanced and innovative Eastman Solus performance additives, Neutrogena improved the quality and reliability of its metallized packaging. Eastman’s dedicated customer engagement across the value chain resulted in a customized and integrated packaging solution by eliminating the laminated plastic film, simplifying the packaging structure and allowing for standard paper recycling. Sustainably sourced Solus enabled plastic FFTMP while ensuring that Neutrogena delivered consumers a more sustainable product — without compromising premium shelf appeal. 

The result

Plastic film-free packaging with Solus has met Neutrogena’s high quality and aesthetic demands while enhancing the brand’s sustainability story. 

“Eastman is very pleased to work with leading skin care brand Neutrogena to jointly develop an environmentally friendly packaging solution,” said Fabio Bogni, global packaging segment manager for Eastman coatings and inks. “The exquisite brand packaging, combined with the plastic film-free, environmentally friendly structure, demonstrates to consumers that two leading international companies share the concept of sustainable development and are committed to core values and best practices of participating in the circular economy.”  


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Media contact

Indrani Vohra
Eastman marketing communications account manager