​​​​​Delivering durable and reliable wood coating solutions​​

Eastman products for wood coatings enhance formulations to protect from marring, moisture resistance, and UV light. Our products also offer improved stain and block resistance along with color stability. Eastman can also help protect with options to address materials of concern in wood coating formulations. For example, in applications where formulators and manufacturers want to avoid nitrocellulose due to safety or regulatory concerns, Solus™ may be an appropriate alternative.

One of the most valued properties of Solus™ is its resistance to yellowing, even when exposed to ultraviolet light. The property is very important when producing wood coatings that will be exposed to sunlight, applied to light-colored wood, or used in white pigmented systems. Our specialty solvent portfolio provides a wide range of film thickness to create the optimal aesthetics in your wood applications. Our water-based primer, Eastek, enhances the natural look of wood through a harmonizing effect with very high gloss and clarity as well as nonyellowing attributes.

Eastman Solus™ offers furniture lacquer suppliers and furniture manufacturers increased productivity. Our performance additives can be formulated into coatings that possess excellent sprayability and flow out. Solus™ enables early hardness development, which allows products to be sanded earlier and packaged sooner without fear of blocking. Eastman Eastek™ polymer dispersions for water-based coatings allow for excellent penetration and high flexibility. Eastman’s specialty solvent portfolio has a full range of evaporation rates to fit your application method and drying conditions. 

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Eastman Solus™

Eastman Solus™ has excellent sprayability and flow out, in addition to fast drying times and good film clarity. Solus™ adds nonyellowing characteristics, moisture resistance, and color stability to many wood coating formulation types.

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Eastman Eastek™ polymer dispersion

A binder of choice for water-based primers, Eastek is the right choice for enhancing wood’s natural aesthetic beauty.

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Eastman specialty solvents

Our specialty solvent portfolio offers a range of evaporation rates to fit different application methods, drying conditions, film thickness requirements, and coating appearance for wood applications.

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Eastman adhesion promotors

For use in doors and frames, decorative profiles, siding, and furniture, wood substrates contain a mix of wood fiber, wood flour, and polypropylene. Eastman has a range of adhesion promoters to improve adhesion across a wide range of wood materials.

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