Industrial and decorative wood

Industrial wood

The requirements for the industrial wood coatings market vary widely geographically. Wood coatings need to provide a broad range of properties, including fast drying, improved flow and leveling, and improved stain and block resistance. Industrial wood coatings also need to comply with the latest environmental legislation. Trends are toward UV, waterborne, and formaldehyde-free coatings.

Eastman offers a portfolio of specialty products and solvents for industrial wood applications that includes cellulose esters for use in solventborne, waterborne, and energy-curable systems.

Decorative wood

For the decorative coatings market, Eastman offers a range of sulfopolyester polymers to use in primer formulations for interior and exterior natural wood substrates, such as window frames, trim, doors, and parquet flooring. These water-based primer solutions will help meet the needs of appearance, application, and performance that the formulator and professional painter are looking for to maximize consumer experience, e.g., end users of parquet flooring value most highly the aesthetic beauty of wood as a construction material. The appearance of the interaction of coatings with wood should be enhanced and maintained by the coating system to preserve the investment for many years to come.

Using Eastek™ polymer dispersion as a binder of choice for water-based primers is the right choice for enhancing the natural aesthetic beauty of wood.

Additional performance products

  • Cellulose esters–Cellulose esters (CABs) have excellent sprayability and flow out in addition to fast dry times and good film clarity. With nonyellowing characteristics, moisture resistance, and color stability, CABs can add performance to many wood coating formulation types.

  • Adhesion promoters–For doors and frames, decorative profiles, siding, furniture, and more, wood substrates contain a mix of wood fiber, wood flour, and polypropylene. Eastman has a range of adhesion promoters that are suitable to improve adhesion across a wide range of wood materials.

  • Additives–Eastman Solus™ 2100 performance additive offers improved compatibility with alkyd resins commonly used in wood coatings formulations and improved resistance to yellowing, improved dry-to-touch time, and better hardness development.
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