Turbo Oil 25


  • Aerospace
  • Aviation turbine oil (ATO)
  • Helicopter oil

Key attributes

  • 5 cSt load carying synthetic lubricant
  • Type II oil in helicopter gear box and transmission

Product description

Eastman Turbo Oil 25™ is a high load-carrying gas turbine oil, for the most demanding gear applications. <P>Helicopter operators in both military and private sectors have shown a preference for the DOD-PRF-85734 oils, like Turbo Oil 25, because of the wear protection provided by its extreme pressure additive technology. Eastman is the only oil manufacturer to offer broadly used DOD-PRF-85734 and MIL-PRF-23699 HTS Class oils, to suit all your helicopter oil lubrication needs. <P> Turbo Oil 25 is formulated from synthetic base stocks and advanced technology additives, to provide the combined thermal and oxidation stability properties of commercial Type II lubricants, with extreme pressure additives to maximise gear system reliability. <P>Turbo Oil 25 is a DOD-PRF-85734, 5 cSt viscosity class oil, plus extreme pressure additives, for the demanding loads of helicopter gearboxes.

Product availability

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