Electronics—Metal paste

Eastman cellulose esters should be considered important formulation tools in the following metal paste products, which are used in the construction of electronic components for computers, mobile phones, automobiles, aircraft, medical, and various consumer products.

  • Nickel, copper, and silver pastes for multilayer ceramic capacitors
  • Nickel and silver pastes for plasma display panels
  • Thermistor and resistor pastes
  • Welding pastes
  • Glazing pastes
  • Silver and aluminum solar battery pastes
  • Non-fired solder pastes
  • Screen printing of carbon cathodes on lithium batteries
  • Solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte pastes

Eastman cellulose esters aid in the production of effective metal pastes for electronic components. Their attributes result in paste preparation improvements:

  • Low residue after burnout
  • Rheology control of metal and nonmetal pastes used in various electronic components, providing good print definition and storage stability to reduce particle sedimentation
  • Easy to dissolve with excellent compatibility

Eastman cellulose esters produce excellent compatibility with the main solvent used in the electroceramics industry—terpineol.

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