What are cellulose esters?

Eastman cellulose esters for formulated products are versatile, biobased polymers designed to enable our customers to formulate higher-performing, quality products for many different industries and markets. They can help you achieve desired formulation and end-use attributes. Our cellulose esters provide a competitive edge in application by enabling higher production rates, as well as in the final product by eliminating defects and improving appearance.

Commercially available cellulose esters

Eastman cellulose esters are available in many formats, providing a wide range in use. The unique values they add in each application will depend on the problems the formulator is trying to solve. Common specific targets are drying times, antisag, flow and leveling, color and gloss control, rheology adjustments, and controlled release. Cellulose esters do not contribute discoloration to nonyellowing systems. Eastman cellulose esters are available with a range of substituents and molecular weights that determine their solubility, compatibility, viscosity, film formation, and hardness.

For more than 80 years, Eastman has introduced innovative cellulose esters that help meet market demands—most recently Eastman Solus™ performance additives for high-solids coatings products.

Solus performance additives were specifically engineered to help formulators bring cellulose ester benefits in lower-VOC systems. Solus 2100 and 2300 are for solventborne and radiation-curable systems, while Solus 3050 is specifically for waterborne systems.

Versatile problem solvers

Different applications demand varying properties to meet performance, aesthetic, and productivity requirements. Eastman cellulose esters offer a diverse portfolio that addresses a broad range of challenges.

Where to use

Where to useWhere to use

Check out the markets and applications where cellulose esters are most typically used.

Application guideApplication guide

Recommendation on cellulose esters for use in specific applications.

Multifunctional performance

Formulators have very specific application requirements that can be successfully achieved by leveraging the multifunctional performance attributes of Eastman cellulose esters. More than 50 varieties can be used singly or blended together to successfully achieve a wide array of results.

Selection considerationsSelection considerations

Considerations in selecting the best cellulose ester for your application requirements.

Performance benefits

Performance benefitsPerformance benefits

Eastman cellulose esters give your final product unique advantages and benefits.