Starting point formulations

Use a starting point formulation to jump-start your next project.

Market and applications Formulation Product Formulation download
Building and constructionPigment stabilizer for cast acrylic sheet
CAB 381-20 Download Download CE-COAT-10671
Coatings – AerosolLacquer paintCAB 381-0.5 Download Download CE-COAT-10660

Coatings – Automotive OEM
Base coatSolus 2300 Download Download CE-COAT-10657
Clear coatCAB 551-0.01 Download Download CE-COAT-10658
Clear coat
Solus 2100 Download Download CE-COAT-10659

Coatings – Coil
Melamine-polyester gloss whiteCAB 551-0.01 Download Download CE-COAT-10663
Melamine-polyester gloss whiteCAB 551-0.2 Download Download CE-COAT-10529
Melamine-polyester satin white
CAB 381-0.5 Download Download CE-COAT-10666

Coatings – General industrial
Melamine-acrylic clear coatCAB-551-0.2 Download Download CE-COAT-10656
Melamine-polyester satin whiteCAB 381-0.5 Download Download CE-COAT-10667
Melamine-polyester gloss whiteCAB 551-0.2 Download Download CE-COAT-10668
2K high-solids isocyanate-cured white gloss
Solus 2300 Download Download CE-COAT-10650

Coatings – Industrial wood
Clear CAB-acrylic (HAPS compliant)CAB 551-0.2, 531-1 Download Download CE-COAT-10655
Acid-catalyzed CAB/alkyd/ureaCAB 553-0.4 Download Download CE-COAT-10654
2K acrylic urethane semigloss CAB 381-0.5Download Download CE-COAT-11122

Coatings – Metal packaging
Melamine-polyester clear externalCAB 551-0.01 Download Download CE-COAT-10661
Melamine-polyester clear externalSolus 2100 Download Download CE-COAT-10662
Melamine-polyester gloss white externalCAB 551-0.01 Download Download CE-COAT-10664
Melamine-polyester gloss white external
Solus 2100 Download Download CE-COAT-10665
DurablesPigment stabilizer for cast acrylic sheet
CAB 381-20 Download Download CE-COAT-10672
Personal care
Chrome/mirror-effect nail polishEastman cellulose acetate butyrate Download Download ADD-COS-025
Fast-drying, clear top coat nail polishCAB 381-0.5 Download Download ADD-COS-11573