Eastman cellulose esters

Looking to formulate better products? Our cellulose esters provide the competitive edge you need. These versatile, biobased polymers can be used as binders, coating additives, film formers, or modifiers in automotive, wood, plastic, paper and leather coatings, and inks applications. They enable higher production speeds, eliminate defects, and improve appearance. The unique value they add depends on your formulation challenge, whether you’re an automaker who needs superior coatings, a printer who wants quicker turnaround for jobs, or a furniture maker who wants finishes that maintain their color without yellowing.

Eastman cellulose esters can help with drying times, antisag, flow and leveling, color and gloss control, rheology adjustments, controlled release, and more. Made to meet a wide range of performance, aesthetic, and productivity needs, Eastman cellulose esters are available in a variety of formats. They are also used for controlled drug delivery and as film formers in nail polish formulations.

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What are cellulose esters?What are cellulose esters

Eastman cellulose esters are biobased polymers available in a wide variety of formats and dispersions to help you achieve desired formulation and end-use attributes.

Why use cellulose esters?Why use cellulose esters

Different applications demand varying properties to meet performance, aesthetic, and productivity requirements. Eastman cellulose esters offer a diverse portfolio that addresses a broad range of formulating challenges.

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