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May 3, 2010 - Eastman Chemical Company announced that it has completed the acquisition of Genovique Specialties Corporation, a leading global producer of specialty plasticizers, benzoic acid, and sodium benzoate. This acquisition includes Genovique’s manufacturing operations in Kohtla-Järve, Estonia, Chestertown, Md., USA, and a joint venture in Wuhan, China.


Chestertown, MD, United States

The Chestertown plant, which covers 33 acres, was originally built in 1959 and has undergone several structural improvements over the years. This site is a world class, ISO 9002 certified facility that manufactures our Admex® Polymeric Plasticizers, Benzoflex® Benzoate Ester Plasticizers, Genovique™ Monomeric Plasticizer and Velate® Coalescent Agents.
Genovique Specialties Corporation
10380 Worton Road
Chestertown, MD 21620
Tel: 1-410-778-1991

Kohtla-Järve, Estonia

The Estonia facility was originally built in the 1940s. With the addition of the Benzoic acid unit in 1986 and the Ester unit which was added in 2002, the plant now occupies approximately 66 acres. This ISO 9002 certified state-of-the-art facility manufacturers Genovique™ Benzoic Acid, Benzoflex® Benzoate Ester Plasticizers and Probenz® Sodium Benzoate in powder and granular forms.


Genovique Specialties AS
Uus Tehase 8
30328 Kohtla-Järve
Tel: 372 33 25 900


Wuhan, China

The manufacturing site located in Wuhan, China is a joint venture with Wuhan Youji. The plant first began operation in 2007 with the completion of the Ester unit and is scheduled for relocation in 2011. Genovique Specialties Wuhan Youji is the focal point of an Asian growth and expansion program and produces our Benzoflex® Benzoate Ester Plasticizers.


Genovique Specialties Wuhan Youji Chemical Company, Ltd.
10 Gongnong Road, Qiaokou District
Wuhan, Hubei Province
China 430035
Tel: 86 27 8341 2932


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