Markets and applications


Aerosol coating

Coatings (special purpose) supplied as a liquid product that dispenses coating ingredients by means of a propellant. The majority of aerosol coatings are sold to do-it-yourself consumers. Others uses include industrial maintenance, OEM, and miscellaneous.


Coatings applied on site to interior and exterior surfaces of residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial buildings

Coil Coating

Coil coating

Interior can coatings prevent corrosion of the can and protect against contamination of the ingredients while extending shelf life. Exterior can coatings enhance and protect the surface appearance of metal containers and similar packaging.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics

Coatings (OEM) applied to plastic parts for electronic devices used in a variety of applications such as: cell phones, computers, office machines, personal care products, and televisions

General Industrial

General industrial

Factory-applied coatings (OEM) designed to satisfy specific end-use requirements for the designated category. Applications include industrial metal parts, agricultural and construction equipment, metal office furniture, appliances, leather goods, paper, and other miscellaneous manufactured products.

Industrial Wood

Industrial and decorative wood

Coatings solutions specifically designed for factory- and field-applied wood applications, serving the industrial and decorative wood markets for applications such as furniture, flooring, fixtures, and window frames

Industrial Maintenance and Marine

Industrial maintenance and marine

Industrial maintenance paints are applied to both new and existing construction such as chemical processing plants, oil and gas onshore facilities, waste and water treatment plants, power generation facilities and bridges. Marine coatings provide protection both above and below the waterline for commercial ships, pleasure boats, and offshore facilities such as oil rigs. Below the waterline, antifouling coatings prevent the growth of marine organisms such as barnacles and other aquatic life.



Factory-applied (OEM) e-coats, primer surfacers, base coats, and clear coats for metal and plastic substrates for automobiles, light-and heavy-duty trucks, vans, SUVs, bus and recreational vehicles, aircraft, and railroad. This sector also includes automotive refinish paints (special purpose) which are applied in body shops and other repair facilities under ambient or very low-temperature cure conditions. These finishes are also used to repair and refinish other commercial vehicles.

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