electronic solvents

Delivering an ultrapure difference

Eastman’s line of EastaPure™ electronic chemicals was leveraged for a semiconductor chip formulator and met their purity requirements.

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Lacquer is applied to wood furniture. Lacquers and other applications using Eastman Solus(tm) performance additives can add decades to their life.

Protect your wood products with Eastman Solus performance additives.

Eastman Solus™ performance additives deliver looks that last. Watch this video and see how Solus can help your furniture look great for decades.

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Wood chairs are lined up on display. Eastman Solus(tm) additives help pieces like this maintain their looks.

Eastman's research can help you win business in wood coatings.

As part of a multi-national study, Eastman recently identified key factors that U.S. and European consumers prioritize in their purchasing decisions for wood furniture. Learn more about this new research here.

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Modern Scandinavian living room with design sofa featuring elegant blanket, coffee table and bookstand on a white wall. Brown wooden parquet. Concept of minimalistic interior.

North America is one of the largest furniture markets in the world — and it is poised for wood coatings growth.

Gain access to recent insights to better align your business with the North American wood furniture consumer.

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Eastman coalescents

Eastman solvents can help meet new environmental standards for potable water linings

Eastman has a robust portfolio of solvents that are not only NSF 600-compliant but also offer the same or improved performance as your current formulations.

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Eastman coalescents

Eastman coalescents offer peace of mind for performance and environmental impact

Eastman’s Optifilm enhancer 400 has earned Green Seal verification, meaning the global nonprofit has confirmed the product is safer for human health and the environment than comparable offerings on the market while maintaining quality.

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Gathering in Ghent

Gathering in Ghent

Customers and distributors gathered at the European Technology Center in Ghent, Belgium, to share and learn about the coatings and inks industry.

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Coatings World Q&A

A Coatings World Q&A: Eastman Chemical

Coatings World Editor Kerry Pianoforte recently had the opportunity to interview Tom Klug, Segment Market Manager automotive coatings segment, Eastman Chemical.

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Metal Packaging

It’s what’s inside that matters

Eastman’s technical team developed guideline formulations based on the formulator’s application process and then successfully combined the needs of the can manufacturer with those of the coatings formulator to deliver a win-win solution.

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Bristol Motor Speedway

Protect your legacy with protective resin systems

When Bristol Motor Speedway needed a paint as tough as its drivers and fans, management turned to paint formulated with Eastman Tetrashield™ protective resin systems.

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Reclassification of MIBK Solvent

Reclassification of MIBK Solvent and the impact on automotive refinish

Eastman can help you find the right alternative materials for refinish coating formulations using a few key steps.

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Architectural coatings

Stay on course with automotive regulatory insights

To help you stay ahead of the curve and remain compliant, Eastman stays abreast of upcoming industry challenges to help identify solutions.

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Architectural coatings

A new strategy for health—the COVID-19 impact on the sustainable mindset

Brands have a unique opportunity to define sustainability for their customers and position themselves as sustainability leaders.

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Industrial protective coatings

A power ranking of the top trends in industrial protective coatings

From regulatory shifts to consumer demands, various factors are driving change in industrial and protective coatings. We count down the top trends of 2022 that coating formulators are innovating towards.

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Food Packaging coatings

Formulating confidence through innovation: Q&A with Eastman coating experts

Hear from industry experts on how shifting trends are shaping the future of food packaging.

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Automotive coatings

Navigating changes in the automotive coatings industry

Automotive OEMs and formulators face ever-changing challenges to ensure their finishes meet regulatory and consumer demands without compromising performance. Learn how you can make your ride safer, smoother, and even more enjoyable.

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