​Coatings that protect all surfaces — including our planet

At Eastman, our coatings solutions touch lives everywhere through items we all use every day — from automobiles to furniture to the metal cans in our pantries. We are committed to driving coatings innovation toward a more sustainable future.

Every color must be “green”

Many of our solutions are inherently sustainable and derived from renewable sources, like Eastman Solus™ performance additives. Our specialty ketones help automotive refinish formulators maintain excellent performance while lowering VOCs. Eastman Tetrashield™ protective resin systems enhance the sustainability of coatings with weathering performance that extends asset life. When used in packaging applications, Tetrashield remains tough and resilient without the use of BPA or styrene.

And as global material regulations continue to evolve, our innovation and expertise help formulators navigate these changes and make necessary adjustments without compromising performance.

Coatings come full circle

The circular economy is about transforming how we make and use products. It’s about avoiding waste and keeping materials in circulation at the end of their useful life, rather than sending them to the landfill. Eastman supports circularity through investments in molecular recycling and innovation centers.

We are translating our molecular recycling technologies to coatings with additives and solvents that enable formulators to make drop-in substitutions with materials created from hard-to-recycle plastic waste with no compromise in performance.

Leveraging a strong legacy of innovation and responsible stewardship, Eastman is developing solutions to meet the growing demand for more sustainable products. Using technological expertise, the latest market insights, and a century of experience, we are excited to collaborate on our shared path toward a more sustainable future.

For more information on our sustainability initiatives, contact your Eastman sales representative or use our contact form.

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