Sustainable Products

At Eastman, pioneering the use of sustainable products is part of our culture. Renewable resources, low/non VOC options, biodegradability, phthalate alternatives, non-HAPs, are some of the many sustainable measures in the paint industry. Choose from the following to learn more about Eastman's sustainably advantaged products for coating and printing ink applications.

Eastman™ Cellulose Esters – Derived from a sustainable and renewable resource and used as primary film formers, modifying resins, and/or as additives to impart specific properties to a liquid coating or ink.

Eastman Solus™ Performance Additives – Naturally derived performance additives that enable the development of coatings with low VOC emissions while providing improved productivity and appearance.

Eastman™ Solvents – Featured in our oxygenated solvent portfolio are: VOC exempt, non-HAP, LVP-VOC, non-VOC, readily biodegradable, and low MIR solvents.

Eastman™ Coalescents – A diverse range of products that aid formulators in meeting the most demanding regulations for low-VOC paints.

Eastman™ Plasticizers – Proven performance as non-phthalate alternatives for a wide variety of PVC and coating applications.

Eastman™ Adhesion Promoters – Available in both waterborne and non-chlorinated versions to provide adhesion to TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and polypropylene substrates.

Eastman™ SAIB – Naturally derived modifying resin/plasticizer/weighting agent that has broad compatibility with the various ingredients used in coating, printing ink, personal care, and citrus beverage applications.

Eastman™ Rosin Products – Derived from a natural and renewable product, rosin derivatives are widely used in adhesives and sealants, coatings and inks, cement and asphalt modification, papermaking, soaps and surfactants, and rubber and plastic compounding.

Eastman Pamolyn™ Fatty Acids – Derived from tall-oil fatty acids, these products are useful as intermediates in the production of alkyds, epoxy esters and other protective coating resins.

Eastman™ Resin Intermediates – Distinct building blocks for resin synthesis when developing powder, self-crosslinkable waterborne, low energy cure, and low VOC solventborne coatings.

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