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Advantages of using Nemasol soil fumigant in your cultivation program


Leaves no quantifiable residues

Nemasol is a solution to replace some of the commonly used herbicides, fungicides, nematicides and insecticides that can persist in soil and crops. Because Nemasol degrades into simple organic compounds, there is no quantifiable pesticide residue left in subsequent cultivated crops.

One-step control of weeds, soilborne diseases and pests

As a broad-spectrum solution, Nemasol acts on a variety of pathogenic organisms with a single application. Nemasol can decrease or even replace crop protection sprays, reducing labor and application costs. Growers can reduce the overall use of other crop protection products which further reduces the risk of residues.

Improved yield and faster turnover rate of land

By rebalancing the soil’s biotope and avoiding the post-plant stress of agrochemicals, Nemasol helps crops establish themselves faster and more vigorously. This results in a faster turnover of fields in year-round cultivating systems.

Pollinator protection

Metam is incorporated into the soil at pre-plant stage and does not interfere with pollinators such as honeybees.

Technical support

For generations of growers, Eastman’s soil-care solutions have helped farms all over the world. You can expect to get the insight, technical support and personal attention you need to grow high-quality, fresh produce.

Global regulatory support

Eastman is one of the world’s largest producers of metam sodium and metam potassium. We provide global regulatory support to ensure our solutions are used to their fullest potential by growers in the safest possible manner.

Global supply. Local service.

Eastman offers a secure supply of its key raw materials to manufacture dithiocarbamates. The manufacturing site in Belgium near the Port of Antwerp, Europe’s second largest port, makes Eastman an agile, global supplier of Nemasol with full traceability.

Advanced application techniques

Eastman partners with equipment manufacturers, greenhouse specialists and applicators to advance application techniques. We are committed to providing comprehensive local service, listening carefully to your needs and working on solutions together.

An Eastman employee delivering a Nemasol stewardship training presentation.

Environmental stewardship

Our dedicated crop protection team provides information and documentation on the correct and safe application of our products. We also provide comprehensive safety training that teaches farmers how to use our crop protection products safely and effectively to enhance yield and improve the quality of harvested goods.

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