Tropical crops

Tropical crops, including pineapples, face unique challenges from pests, diseases and weeds that demand specific control measures. Nemasol soil fumigant serves as an all-in-one solution to address pests and enhance growth while maximizing yield. With tailor-made application methods and strong performance, Nemasol provides a comprehensive approach to pest management in tropical crop farming.

Pineapple plantation with rows of ripe pineapples growing on trees

One-step application

Nemasol is applied to bare soil via injection technology, providing one-step control of weeds, soilborne diseases and pests while forming beds ready for planting. We have seamlessly integrated the application equipment into the existing bedding protocol used by pineapple-producing companies. The integration eliminates the need for any additional steps after soil preparation is complete. This process can be made for two- and three-bed forming equipment, depending on grower needs.

Eastman soil injection equipment

Production savings

A single application of Nemasol can effectively target multiple pathogenic organisms, resulting in a reduction in the need for crop protection sprays. This lowers labor and application costs for growers. It also helps reduce plant stress and increase plant establishment by avoiding post-planting herbicides.

A close-up of a small pineapple in its early growth stage, attached to a tree

Faster flower induction

Creating a favorable biotope when making the Nemasol injection promotes the enhancement of plant vigor and healthy crop growth. By following fertilization and monitoring plant health, it is possible to achieve the flower induction period faster, thus reducing harvest time and achieving a faster turnover rate of land.

A healthy crop with better establishment and root growth will result in:

  • Improved water and nutrient uptake
  • Improved light interception
  • Reduced risk of disease
  • Improved quality and yield
  • Time and money savings during flower induction and harvest
Graphic days to flower induction
Graphic effect of Nemasol on plant weight at flower induction and productivity

Improved yield with faster turnover rate of land

Nemasol plays a crucial role in rebalancing soil, enabling crops to establish themselves faster and more vigorously. By disinfecting the soil through Nemasol injection, plants can experience more uniform development and growth, ultimately leading to increased harvest yields.

Maximize tropical crop growth with Nemasol.

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