General industrial coatings

The general industrial market includes a wide variety of applications, technologies, and end uses. The fitness-for-use requirements for general industrial coatings are increasingly demanding, including the need for higher durability and chemical resistance, improved adhesion, and better appearance. Depending on the application, cellulose esters can provide excellent surface hardness, good film strength, and good resistance to moisture, ultraviolet light, heat, oils, and greases.

CABs are especially useful in coatings for structural aluminum and foil, stainless steel, chromium, brass, silver, and tin where protection of the metal surface and maintenance of the metallic luster are desired. By appropriate selection of modifying resins, butyrate-based systems may be formulated into clear or pigmented coatings that have good adhesion to metallic surface and are resistant to salt, fog, oxygen, and other tarnishing and corroding elements.

  General industrial Maintenance Protective Marine
     CAB 381-0.1    x
     CAB 381-0.5 x x x 
     CAB 381-2  x  
     CAB 381-20 x x  
     CAB 381-20BP   x 
     CAB 500-5   x 
     CAB 531-1 x  x 
     CAB 551-0.01 x   
     CAB 551-0.2 x x x 
     CAB 553-0.4 x   
     CAP 482-0.5  x  
     CAP 482-20 x   
     Eastman Solus™ 2100
     performance additive

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