Cosmetic packaging
Refill, reuse, and renew—with Tritan. 

The premier solution for enduring beauty in durable applications


Inner beauty is great, but it’s what’s on the outside that counts.

Sustainably minded consumers increasingly want durable products they can refill and reuse that stay beautiful—no matter what life throws at them. Eastman Tritan™ copolyester has been the go-to solution in durable products such as reusable water bottles and other food contact applications—both in the home and in clinical environments—for more than ten years.

Tritan Renew is loved for its clarity, durability, and cleanability, making it a natural fit for reusable/refillable applications in cosmetics. It offers a glasslike look and feel in a wide variety of colors. Because of its incredible toughness and impact resistance, Tritan stays beautiful throughout the longer life span of reusable items.

If it can hold up under the stress of multiple dishwasher cycles and survive being run over, imagine what Tritan can do for refillable cosmetic packages.


Enduring life from sustainable origins

Tritan Renew has the same great features of other Renew products with 30% and 50% certified recycle content, no drop-off in performance or aesthetics, and the ability be molded with existing molds.

Tritan Renew features high levels of certified* recycled content in addition to its exemplary performance characteristics. Made using Eastman’s molecular recycling, Tritan Renew meets rigorous performance standards and provides significant environmental benefits such as landfill diversion, resource conservation, and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Tritan Renew is the perfect choice for multiuse, durable, and refillable cosmetics packaging, offering:

  • Glasslike look and feel in just about any shape and color
  • Incredible toughness and impact resistance
  • 30% and 50% certified recycled content options
  • Zero drop-off in performance or aesthetics—chemically identical to virgin
  • No requalification necessary. Use your existing molds.

*Via mass balance allocation



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