Medical devices made from Tritan

Using the right materials in medical devices is crucial for patient safety, device performance and regulatory compliance in the healthcare industry. Eastman Tritan™ copolyester is reliable and high performing. Creating high-quality medical devices is easy. It enhances the convenience and efficiency of patient care while providing peace of mind for medical and orthodontic professionals and patients.

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Tritan allows you to put patient safety first

Selecting the appropriate material for medical and dental devices can be a challenging task that involves careful consideration of requirements and evaluation. We want to make it as easy as possible. Tritan covers all the bases, including biocompatibility, sterilization compatibility, durability and superior toughness, heat and chemical resistance, clarity, and compliance. Our goal is to help you select the best material so that you can focus on patient safety.

Exceptional clarity

Tritan copolyester offers high clarity, making it suitable for medical devices that require transparency. This allows for easy visual inspection and monitoring of the device or its contents.

Durability and chemical resistance

It’s renowned for its toughness and chemical resistance, making it a reliable choice for medical devices.

Temperature resistance

Tritan’s temperature resistance enables medical devices to maintain performance and functionality after sterilization in harsh environments, ensuring consistent and reliable operation.

Medical grade and biocompatible

Tritan copolyester meets rigorous medical grade and biocompatibility standards, ensuring safe use without adverse reactions or complications. This minimizes the risk of complications and promotes safe use of the material.

Ease of processing

Tritan can be easily molded into intricate and complex shapes and designs for medical devices.


Tritan can be suitable for various medical devices, including surgical instruments, drug delivery devices, diagnostic equipment and dental aligners.


Tritan Renew features 50% recycled content* and offers medical device manufacturers a more sustainable option. Since Tritan and Tritan Renew are indistinguishable, requalification is not necessary.

*Certified through ISCC mass balance allocation

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Medical devices and luer locks

Tritan is a versatile material used in various medical devices, including blood management products, fluid delivery systems, primary drug containers and respiratory care. It ensures safe and efficient fluid and blood delivery while maintaining product integrity to ensure that the contents are protected and devices maintain their functionality. With its clarity, durability and biocompatibility, Tritan contributes to improved patient care and safety in medical device manufacturing.

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Medical device applications

Clear devices for blood contact

Dialyzer filter housing, cassettes and blood separation cartridges, oxygenator container systems

Rigid fluid management components

Catheter and IV units (including infusion components), stopcocks, needleless connectors, luer locks and catheters, enteral feeding components

Primary drug containers

General syringes, prefilled syringes, safety syringes and contrast media syringes

Clear devices (including respiratory)

CPAP humidification chambers, anesthesia and respiratory masks (ventilators), nebulizers, oxygen concentrators

Clear dental aligners and retainers

Tritan has exceptional clarity that enables dental professionals to create invisible aligners, giving patients confidence throughout their orthodontic treatment. The balance of superior force retention and flexibility of Tritan enables more comfortable and precise teeth movement, allowing a more effective treatment plan for the patient. Aligners and retainers made from Tritan are also biocompatible, free from substances of concern and easily thermoformed to match the intricacy of the patient’s teeth. With high-quality dental devices, dental professionals can confidently provide quality care and effective treatment to their patients.

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Medical packaging

Tritan meets the rigorous standards demanded in medical packaging. Its versatility enables the creation of various types of packaging, including sterile barrier rigid packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and sustainable medical packaging. With its exceptional clarity and durability, Tritan ensures that medical devices are protected during transportation. This allows quick visual access to medical devices and medications, which is crucial in urgent situations.

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