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Tritan’s mission has long been rooted in sustainability. It’s the material of choice for durable, BPA-free reusable water bottles. Working with our brands, we’ve replaced billions of tons of single-use plastic waste with long-lasting durable goods. That same mission lives on in Tritan Renew. It’s made with Eastman’s molecular recycling technology and replaces single-use plastic waste with new, safe, high-performance materials.

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A cleaner planet
starts with better materials

The plastic waste crisis, combined with climate change and depletion of our natural resources, means we all must start doing better for our planet. At Eastman, we’ve been developing solutions for the environment for years, and we’re helping our manufacturing partners do the same.

With Eastman Tritan™ Renew, the first material on the market with 50% certified recycled content,* our brand partners can make durable products that can be reused for years, helping divert single-use plastics from landfills and waterways.

*Certified recycled content allocated using ISCC mass balance.

Our journey to a circular economy

The traditional economy is linear, meaning raw materials and resources are taken from the ground to make products, which are then used and typically thrown away. A circular economy, on the other hand, focuses on reducing, reusing and recycling materials and products that would otherwise end up littering the environment.

Molecular recycling is just one of the ways we’re working toward a circular economy. Eastman’s innovative technology breaks down waste plastic to the molecular level, allowing it to be rebuilt into new materials. Discover the ways Eastman is making a better world.

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Tritan Renew

Many of the world’s leading sports, outdoor, kitchen gear, housewares, electronics and lifestyle brands use Tritan.

Tritan Renew offers the same durability as Tritan with the added benefits of sustainability you can trust.

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