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Tritan is a trusted partner for companies seeking food-safe, BPA-free, durable and easy-to-clean materials to create high-quality products. With its exceptional resistance to heat, chemicals and breakage, Tritan offers customers the assurance that their products are crafted to withstand daily use and deliver unmatched performance.

Tritan also offers brands the flexibility to create their desired impact with custom colors and designs. Whether it's crystal clear or a specific color, it can be tailored to meet the brand's vision and achieve the desired effect for its product.

When it comes to sustainability, Tritan is setting an example in environmental responsibility. Its durability and shatter-resistant nature result in a longer product lifespan compared to traditional plastics or glass, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Tritan Renew, made from 50% certified recycled* material, is also available. Tritan Renew can help divert waste from landfills and help lower carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions compared to products made from traditional processes that use fossil feedstocks.

*Certified through ISCC mass balance allocation

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