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Tritan for appliances

Eastman Tritan™ copolyester sets the standard as a high-performing material used to create everyday products, providing durability, clarity and chemical resistance across a range of small to large appliances. With Tritan, you can create long-lasting and easy-to-maintain products that meet your customers’ everyday needs.

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A person putting bananas in a blender that is set on a counter.

Blenders, food processors and juicers

Tritan is made with safety in mind. Since Tritan is safe for food contact and BPA-free, it can be used in various food applications like blenders, food processors and juicers. Tritan's exceptional durability and shatter resistance ensure that appliances can withstand frequent use and be safely cleaned in the dishwasher.

Coffee makers and drink systems

With Tritan, using and cleaning your coffee makers and drink systems becomes effortless. Its stain- and odor-resistant properties ensure that your appliances maintain their pristine clarity and aesthetics.

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Washers, dryers and refrigerators

Large appliances require components of all shapes and sizes. Tritan makes it easy to create durable and reliable parts that can last. It also offers excellent clarity, which enhances visual appeal.

Vacuums and floor care

When it comes to vacuums and floor care, you’re looking for something that can handle the toughest messes any day. Vacuums and floor care products made with Tritan make it easy to tackle messes of all shapes and sizes while offering versatile designs and easy maintenance.

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Discover Tritan Renew 

Appliances are meant to withstand everyday use, and Tritan provides durability and ease of cleaning to make life easier.

Made using 50% certified recycled content,* Tritan Renew offers the same performance qualities as legacy Tritan in impact, heat and chemical resistance to withstand thousands of dishwashing cycles with the added benefits of sustainability.

By using molecular recycling for recycled material, Tritan Renew can help divert waste from landfills and lower carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions compared to products made from traditional processes that use fossil feedstocks. With Tritan Renew, customers can confidently choose a product that can help them meet their sustainability goals.

*Recycled content is certified through ISCC mass balance allocation. 

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Uncover the possibilities with Tritan.

Tritan offers a large product portfolio that enables customers to create a spectrum of products designed to enhance everyday life. It can be used in a wide range of applications, providing the signature quality that defines the Tritan brand.

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