Sun lenses made from Tritan Renew

When it comes to quality products, sun lenses made with Eastman Tritan™ Renew stand out. Made with 50% recycled content, Tritan Renew offers high-quality, sustainable lenses for designers with an eye for aesthetics. Backed by our solid reputation and technical expertise, we assist eyewear designers in optimizing their processes with Tritan Renew.

Woman adjusting her Tritan sunglasses as she enjoys the outdoors.
Flat lay of light blue sunglasses made with Tritan Renew material.

There’s more than meets the eye

At the heart of our lens technology is Tritan Renew, a high-performance copolyester made with 50% certified recycled content.* Crystal clear, durable and safe, Tritan Renew offers sustainability and an exceptional wearer experience compared to materials traditionally used in injection molded sun lenses. With Tritan, we've perfected the balance between functionality and aesthetics, allowing you to enjoy sunglasses that not only look great but also deliver on performance.


Our lenses come with a stable and dependable supply thanks to a transparent certification process that covers the entire value chain. With ISCC* certification, you can trust in the sustainability and integrity of our products.


Our lenses are designed to be compatible with all frame materials, including acetate. This flexibility allows designers and brands to seamlessly incorporate our lenses into their eyewear creations.


We offer a unique opportunity for brands and retailers to provide consumers with sustainable eyewear made from the same material for both lenses and frames. This mono-material approach promotes sustainability and offers a cohesive aesthetic.

Durable and shatter resistant

Our lenses are built to last. They are highly durable, shatter resistant and exceed international industry requirements.

Chemical resistant

Due to good chemical resistance, Tritan Renew lenses can be used in a wide variety of frames, including those made from acetate.


Tritan meets the premium standards required for sunglass lenses. With exceptional clarity, you can enjoy a crisp and clear vision, enhancing your overall visual experience.

*Certified through ISCC mass balance allocation

Flat lay of frames and other glasses components made of Tritan

Tritan Renew for frames

Tritan Renew can be used in more than just lenses. Frames made with Tritan Renew offer the same clarity, durability and versatility. These frames can provide dependable lens protection and long-lasting performance for everyday use. They also provide designers with the opportunity to unleash their creativity to produce one-of-a-kind frames.

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Close-up of person holding a teal reusable water bottle made from Tritan.

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By choosing Tritan, you're investing in high-performing eyewear products. Tritan's commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting a circular economy is crucial in today's world. Exploring Tritan products allows you to make conscious choices that align with your values while enjoying reliable and long-lasting solutions.

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