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Tritan for food storage and kitchen

Eastman Tritan™ copolyester is the reliable option for outstanding food storage that exceeds performance and aesthetic expectations. When it comes to food and beverage storage containers, the material is just as important as the contents they hold. Products made with Tritan offer benefits like durability, BPS- and BPA-free composition, and temperature stability. Whether for commercial or consumer use, Tritan enables users to store and protect food and beverages with confidence.

Three clear food storage containers filled with grapes, carrots and wraps.
A person adds cauliflower to clear food containers made from Tritan.

Stand out with Tritan

In the kitchen, durability is essential. Whether enduring numerous cleaning cycles or accidental drops, a reliable product that stands the test of time is essential. Food storage made with Tritan is not only tough and dishwasher safe but also stain and odor resistant and free from BPA. Tritan makes selecting the perfect material for dishware effortless. With Tritan, you can trust that your food is in good hands.


Tritan is exceptionally durable and shatter resistant, withstanding frequent handling, washing, and stacking without showing signs of wear or breakage.

Food contact safe

Tritan is food contact safe, meets regulatory standards, and does not contain BPA or BPS, ensuring consumer safety and peace of mind.

Dishwasher safe

Food storage containers made with Tritan have nonporous surfaces, making them dishwasher safe and easy to clean. They don’t crack or shrink like other materials.

Temperature stable

Unlike other materials that struggle to go from freezer to microwave without shattering, containers made with Tritan can seamlessly transition from cold to hot environments without cracking.

Odor and stain resistant

With Tritan, you’re storing food — not its odor. Tritan’s unique properties keep tastes and odors from carrying over between washes, preserving the freshness of stored food.


In the refrigerator, in the pantry or on the breakfast table, food storage containers made with Tritan allow people to see inside with a quick glance.

Aesthetic versatility

Tritan provides aesthetic flexibility with its clear, glasslike appearance, enhancing the presentation of food and beverages. Its versatile design allows for custom shapes and sizes that match brand aesthetics.

A person holding two food containers, one filled with pretzels and the other with trail mix.

Discover Tritan Renew

We offer Tritan Renew, a 50% certified recycled* material. It offers the same high-performance and food-contact-safe qualities as Tritan with the added benefit of sustainability.

Through molecular recycling, Tritan Renew helps divert waste from landfills and lower your carbon footprint compared to products made from traditional fossil fuel processes. With Tritan Renew, customers can confidently meet their sustainability goals.

*Recycled content is certified through ISCC mass balance allocation.

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Two people put food into clear food storage containers made from Tritan.

Explore Tritan applications

Tritan offers a wide range of food service applications, from tableware to commercial storage. Products made with Tritan are designed to elevate daily life in and out of the kitchen.

Nearly limitless applications

Food storage is one of the many applications of Tritan in the food service industry. Tritan can be used to make tableware, barware, kitchen gadgets and so much more.

A parent holding a child’s hand as they mix ingredients in a yellow bowl made from Tritan.
A parent and child smiling as they make a smoothie in a plastic blender made from Tritan.

Explore Tritan products

When it comes to Tritan, your imagination is the limit. Tritan offers a large portfolio that enables customers to create a wide spectrum of products designed to enhance everyday life and withstand everyday use.

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