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Tritan for reusable drinkware

Cups and glasses can get knocked over or dropped at any moment. Drinkware should be tough to keep up with life’s demands. Eastman Tritan™ copolyester is just that. Tritan offers worry-free durability, allowing you to drop it without the risk of shattering. It’s dishwasher safe, ensuring no breakage during cleaning. Plus, you can get a fresh drinking experience every time, since Tritan prevents any lingering scents from previous use.

Eight multicolored glasses made of Tritan clustered together.
A smiling couple wearing sunglasses and holding wine glasses.

Stand out with Tritan

Drinkware made with Tritan is not only tough and durable. It also has many unique properties that set it apart in the market. The longevity of the material makes it sustainable, helping to eliminate the need for single-use plastics.


Tritan’s exceptional durability makes it perfect for busy environments like commercial cafeterias and quick-service restaurants. It can withstand frequent handling, washing and stacking without showing signs of wear or breakage.

Shatter resistant

Tritan’s shatter-resistant quality is advantageous in outdoor settings and fast-paced environments, minimizing the risk of glass breakage and potential injuries.

Food contact safe

Tritan meets regulatory standards and does not contain BPA or BPS, ensuring consumer safety and peace of mind.

Dishwasher safe

Tritan’s smooth and nonporous surface allows for easy cleaning and is resistant to staining, ensuring drinkware maintains its appearance and cleanliness even after repeated use.

Temperature stable

Drinkware made with Tritan can seamlessly transition from cold to hot environments without cracking.

Odor and taste resistant

Whether you’re drinking coffee, wine or orange juice, Tritan prevents tastes and odors from carrying over between washes.


Tritan offers excellent clarity and transparency, resembling glass. This enhances the visibility of food and beverages, improving their presentation and appeal while reducing the risk of breakage.

Aesthetic versatility

Tritan provides aesthetic flexibility with its clear, glasslike appearance, enhancing the presentation of beverages. Its versatile design allows for custom shapes and sizes that match brand aesthetics.

A rendering of clear molecules

Discover Tritan Renew

We offer Tritan Renew, a 50% certified recycled* material option. It offers the same high-performance and food-contact-safe qualities as Tritan with the added benefit of sustainability.

Through molecular recycling, Tritan Renew helps divert waste from landfills and lowers your carbon footprint compared to products made from traditional fossil fuel processes. With Tritan Renew, customers can confidently meet their sustainability goals.

*Recycled content is certified through ISCC mass balance allocation.

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Nearly limitless applications 

Tritan offers a wide range of food service applications, from drinkware to commercial storage. Products made with Tritan are designed to elevate daily life in and out of the kitchen. Regardless of the end-use application, customers can trust Tritan to provide high-performance, durable products.

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Explore Tritan products

When it comes to Tritan, your imagination is the limit. Tritan offers a large portfolio that enables customers to create a variety of products designed to enhance everyday life and withstand everyday use.

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