Tritan for baby bottles and sippy cups

There are a million options out there, and then there is Tritan. Tritan is a durable material with heat- and shatter-resistant properties, making it ideal for baby bottles and sippy cups. This BPA-free, BPS-free plastic is also free of estrogenic activity (EA), which ensures safe contact with food and beverages. For busy parents, it’s also easy to clean and maintain.

A life vest-wearing child holding a blue and yellow sippy cup.
A mother feeding her baby with a baby bottle full of milk.


Tritan is BPA-free and EA-free, ensuring that no harmful chemicals leach into the contents of baby bottles or sippy cups. Tests conducted by reputable labs found Tritan to be free of estrogenic activity. With increasing awareness of potential risks associated with BPA and EA exposure, Tritan provides a safe plastic alternative for mindful parents and their children.

Easy to clean

Tritan is known for its excellent dishwasher-safe properties. Its smooth surface enables effortless cleaning, making it convenient for busy parents who need quick and hassle-free cleaning solutions. It’s also odor and stain resistant, so bottles won’t retain odd smells and liquids won’t stain the clear material.

A person putting a sippy cup with a straw into a pink diaper bag.
A baby sitting in a high chair and holding a blue and red sippy cup by the spout.


Durability is crucial for baby bottles, especially for your child's safety. Tritan is shatter-resistant, reducing the risk of breakage, even when accidentally dropped. With Tritan, you can have peace of mind knowing your baby is using a bottle designed to withstand inevitable drops and minimize the chances of injury from broken glass or sharp plastic fragments.

Discover Tritan Renew 

We offer Tritan Renew, a 50% certified recycled* material. It offers the same high-performance and food -contact -safe qualities as Tritan with the added benefit of sustainability.

Tritan Renew is created through molecular recycling, which helps divert waste from landfills and lowers your carbon footprint compared to products made from traditional fossil fuel processes. With Tritan Renew, customers can confidently meet their sustainability goals.

*Certified through ISCC mass balance allocation

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Uncover the possibilities with Tritan

Tritan offers a large product portfolio that enables customers to create a spectrum of products ranging from baby bottles to small and large appliances, all designed to enhance everyday life.

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