Eyewear frames made from Tritan Renew

Make a statement with Eastman Tritan™ Renew eyewear frames. A high-performance copolyester, Tritan is ideal for crafting eyewear frames and fashion sunglasses. With their durability, versatility and premium look, the frames provide reliable protection for the lenses, ensuring long-lasting wear for everyday use. With Tritan Renew, designers can unleash their creative vision to create unique frames in various shapes, sizes and colors.

Three Tritan sunglasses displayed on a branch
Two pairs of brown sunglasses made from Tritan copolyester

Elevate your eyewear with Tritan

Make your eyewear line stand out with Tritan’s unique characteristics and quality. Tritan Renew frames excel in delivering quality, comfort and design flexibility. Tritan Renew eyewear frames are made with 50% recycled content.* By choosing Tritan Renew, manufacturers and brands can offer high-quality, sustainable, stylish products that meet the demands of customers and the industry.

Superior look and feel

Frames made with Tritan Renew have a premium feel that enables a comfortable wearer experience.

Outstanding durability

Tritan frames offer remarkable durability and strength, resulting in long-lasting eyewear that can withstand daily wear and tear.

Reduced replacements

With their exceptional durability, Tritan frames minimize the need for frequent replacements.

Design flexibility

Tritan is highly moldable and design friendly, allowing for endless possibilities in shapes, styles and colors for eyewear frames.


Tritan Renew is BPA free and hypoallergenic.**

ISCC certified

Since Eastman and all Eastman value chain partners are ISCC certified, you’re ensured full traceability of the recycled content* and the credibility of your sustainability claims.

*Certified through ISCC mass balance allocation
** Tested in compliance with ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10 standards

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Tritan Renew for sun lenses

Tritan Renew can be used in more than just frames. It can also be ideal for sun lenses thanks to its durability, which helps it withstand the demands of outdoor activities. Due to the clarity and performance requirements for lenses, mechanically recycled plastics can’t be used for sun lenses. Tritan breaks the mold by offering sun lenses made with up to 50% recycled content, ensuring sustainability without compromising high-quality performance.

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Light brown frames made from Tritan copolyester

Explore Tritan products for eyewear

Tritan Renew offers a wide range of innovative solutions, from durable water bottles to shatter-resistant eyewear frames. With Tritan Renew, you can create beyond your imagination with high-quality materials that last. Embrace the possibilities and experience the benefits of Tritan firsthand.

Join the Tritan Renew eyewear revolution.

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